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About Us

State of the Art Machine - 30 years of Quilting

Our staff is led by an experienced quilter who has been making quilts for 30 years.

Familiar with a variety of creative disciplines, she has shared her expertise with family, friends, and businesses.

She experienced the power and time gained through new computer based technology after purchasing a commercial embroidery machine. This led her to explore other applications of computer technology.

After careful consideration, she decided to enter commercial quilting. A variety of quilting services have been available for many years. However, with the advent of computer based long arm quilting machines, an entirely new realm of creative, custom, customer support has become possible.

She has assembled a small team of experienced staff with backgrounds in sewing and crafting along with a business management advisor. Together they form Sew❄Storm Quilting™.

Our goal is to provide a unique experience to quilters and those with quilting dreams. We can complete your quilt top or create one-of-a-kind projects combining quilt making, embroidery, binding, and backing. We complete your skilled creation or create your dreamed vision.

Call us! Let us dream with you.

Sew❄Storm Quilting™


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